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St. GeorgeÕs Advocate - Sat. 25/2/1899 - "Local and General"

"Many people will remember Alfred Barden, butcher, on the CookÕs River Road. When Mr. F. Gannon, the well-known solicitor who kept a lot of sporting dogs, dropped in one day, Alf said as he looked around and counted a number of legs of mutton, "What can I do with the man whose dog has taken one of these?" "Make him pay 7/6d.," Fred replied. "Then hand it over for it was your dog that did it." Fred put three half crowns on the block and audibly entered in his notebook, "Advice to Barden, 10/6d." Alf looked a bit had, and at last said, "Oh, weÕll cry quits, and go and have a drink."

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