TUB examination of immigrants by the Stebonheath in reference to the extraordinary charges made by the matron (Miss Chase) and the surgeon (Mr. William Johnson Rowland) at the recent inquest, is still going on. It will, probably, be some time before it is completed ; but, as the investigation is being made with closed doors, that prompt publicity through the Press, which the people of this colony naturally expect, can- not be given to the proceedings. We have, however, been able to glean a few facts-one of which, at least, will take some, who are not well' acquainted with the way in which matters are carried on in Macquarie 1 street, by surprise.

The members of the Immigration Board who sat yesterday to conduct the business, were Mr. H. H. Browne, Captain Mann, and Dr. H. G. Alleyne. The Rev. Mr. Agnew and the Rev. Mr. Sheridan, having been invited to attend, were also present. On the previous days of the examination, we ore informed that the Rev. Mr. Connell was in attendance to watch the proceedings.

Yesterday an application was made to the Board by Ellen Loughborough, through the Rev. Mr. Sheridan, for permission to make her complaint to a Police Magistrate, her desire being, no doubt, to' prosecute those who had so cruelly treated her, but her request was overruled, on the ground that it would prejudice the investigation they were now making-their only wish being to get at the truth.

A considerable number of witnesses have been examined during the past four or five days, but their evidence has not been taken upon oath. There are many passengers by the Stebonheath, however, desirous of contradicting the charges which have been made against them who have not been called upon to attend, but it is said that some of them have made application to be heard in this matter. The circular sent to those who have been examined has been the object of some curiosity. It is not of so peremptory a nature, how- ever, as some imagine ;. and as there are all sorts of vague notions respecting it the following copy of the document may not be uninteresting :

Immigration Office, Sydney, 8th March, 1858.

To: __________

Your evidence being required relative to certain irregularities alleged to have occurred on board the Immigrant ship Stebonheath during the voyage, you arc hereby requested to attend a meeting of the Immigration Board, to be held here to-morrow, Tuesday, the 9th instant, at twelve o'clock at noon, for the purpose of affording such information as you may possess on the above subject

________ for the Agent for Immigration.

A large number of the immigrants is loitering about the streets and the barracks unable to obtain, or reluctant to seek, situations until their character is established, and the stigma which attaches to them is cleared away.