SMH MONDAY 16th may 1858


Australian emigration seems to be very trifling from Ireland at present My experience in moving about amongst the poor people is, that vast numbers of fine able young men and women would be delighted to go out if they had the means.

I really think if the Colonial Government appointed agents in each of the four provinces of Ireland, at a fair salary, say £500 per annum to be men of colonial experience it would get its requirements met in the shape of suitable emigrants, instead of the ragtag and bobtail refuse of the parishes and workhouses, as is too much the case at present,-preference to be given to newly married couples; in fact married ship-loads could easily he obtained, and such arrangements made with the single people as would prevent the recurrence of the "Stebonheath" scenes.

I find the Government emigration agents at most Irish ports are to be abolished, and their duties will devolve upon the collectors of customs. If the Colonial Government guaranteed to employ all emigrants (say) for twelve months certain, or made their employers pay down their passage money on hiring them, you could, through your agents here, ensure a regular supply of the best class of people.